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This site is dedicated to showcasing stories written by students using our Young Writers' StoryDecks. Our StoryDecks are a fast and easy way to help young writers create complete, compelling stories in no time. Using our StoryDecks, student write (and optionally illustrate) a story based on cards selected from a specially designed StoryDeck. The cards serve as guideposts and the students provide the details.

Featured Story: "The Haunted Halloween Night" by Kaelyn

“Hey, over here, Victoria!” exclaimed Michael. “I know these houses are loaded with candy!”

“Okay, but let’s not go too far,” Victoria said cautiously.

Victoria and Michael are neighbors. She is 21 and he is 12. Although she is short, she is very beautiful with chocolate brown eyes. He has fiery red hair. He is also a shape shifter.

They were on what looked like a deserted road, trick-or-treating. They came to a large house with only the front door lights flickering on and off. This house is huge, thought Michael. I bet they have a bunch of candy! He ran up to the house with Victoria right behind him. He rang the doorbell eight times.

Little did he know that there was a spell upon the house. If you rang the doorbell eight times in a row, it would swallow you, and you would be stuck inside forever! On the eighth ring a long tongue-like red carpet grabbed them both and pulled them inside...


Featured Story: "Journey to the Center of South America, Mon" by Brianna, Celine, and Annelise

Once upon a time...no,no,no, that does not work. How about, in a jungle far far away..., no, that sounds too fairytale-ish. How about I just tell you who I am. I am Kanye a talking spider monkey form Africa, but somehow I ended up in South America, Mon. So let me start the story, it is about two siblings from Washington DC name Mohwa and Kim. Hello, Mon? New paragraph start! MON!

Mohwa and Kim were a WONDERFUL duo. Kim was #1 on FBI's most wanted, while Mohwa was stuck being her brother. One day, Kim decided to get away for a little...how do you say..."vacation," mon. So since Kim was a convict, she stole Air Force 1 from the President of the United States!

"Come on Mohwa!" yelled Kim, "Get in the Plane!"


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external image YWT_Cover_Small.bmpThe creators of StoryDecks and the StoryDeck Creative Writing Program are also the co-authors of the reference book, "Young Writers' Toolkit" (ISBN: 978-0982330623; 312 pages; paperback; $19.95; available at www.youngwriterstoolkit.com). The book includes dozens of helpful tools all in one place, presented in an easy-to-read and easy-to-use format. It's the perfect companion for young writers at school or at home. The book includes word lists, alternatives for commonly overused words, explanations for how to remove commonly used weak words and phrases, a list of commonly misspelled words, a list of commonly misused words, information on citing sources, proofreading marks, quotation marks, and more. Schools joining our One-for-One Free Book Program for Schools can get one free copy of the book for every book purchased by a parent associated with their school.
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