The Haunted Halloween Night
by Kaelyn, 11/23/09

“Hey, over here, Victoria!” exclaimed Michael. “I know these houses are loaded with candy!”

"Okay, but let’s not go too far,” Victoria said cautiously.

Victoria and Michael are neighbors. She is 21 and he is 12. Although she is short, she is very beautiful with chocolate brown eyes. He has fiery red hair. He is also a shape shifter. They were on what looked like a deserted road, trick-or-treating. They came to a large house with only the front door lights flickering on and off.

This house is huge, thought Michael. I bet they have a bunch of candy! He ran up to the house with Victoria right behind him. He rang the doorbell eight times.

Little did he know that there was a spell upon the house. If you rang the doorbell eight times in a row, it would swallow you, and you would be stuck inside forever! On the eighth ring a long tongue-like red carpet grabbed them both and pulled them inside….

“Aaaahhh!” Victoria screamed as the carpet dropped them into a completely dark room.

Suddenly the lights flashed on. Shrunken heads were hanging everywhere!

“Eeeee!” screeched Victoria.

“I thought you were fearless!” Michael cracked.

“It just took me by surprise!” fumed Victoria.

Michael thought he saw a doorknob. Victoria looked around everywhere. She didn’t see anything, except for shrunken heads.

“Why can’t you tell the truth, you little trickster!” Victoria complained.

“Why can’t you see it? It’s right there in front of you!” Michael retorted. “That orange thing!” he exclaimed.

“Oh, that? I thought if was just a random button,” Victoria said, blushing.

This time Victoria was right. It was a button, but it, too, was enchanted.

When you pressed it a shrunken head would talk to you. If it sensed hope it would help you get out but if it heard fear it would trick you. No one had ever escaped the house, so obviously none of them had hope.

“Let’s turn it and see what it does!” said Michael.

“No, we are going to push it in and that’s final!” said Victoria.

There was one more little thing about the button. If you turned it, you would fall into bottomless pit full of snakes. If you pushed it in, the shrunken head would talk to you and tell you how to get out. Victoria very slowly approached the button and pressed it in.

“HELLOOOO!” boomed a huge voice.

Michael fainted and fell against the wall.

And he teased me about being scared, thought Victoria.

“H-h-hi,” Victoria said weakly.

“Turn around and you will see me!” the voice boomed.

Victoria slowly turned around and saw a shrunken head smiling at her. Few people know that Victoria is clairvoyant. She knows most all the spirits she talks to, so she knew immediately that it was Hance, the Halloween Spirit.

“Hance!” Victoria gasped. “You almost gave me a heart attack!”

Michael started to stir. When he saw the shrunken head talking he fell back against the wall, again.

“I have no idea what’s up with him,” Victoria said.

“Well, you pressed the button, what do you need?” asked Hance.

“We need to get out of here!” wailed Victoria.

“Call the crows,” Hance said flatly.

“How?” Victoria asked.

“Sing this rhyme,” he chanted.

Come crows, come crows.

We need your help.

Come crows, come crows
You know the spell.

“You just have to hold down the button when you sing it. Well, I better get going then, bye!” Hance called. Then he disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Okay, here I go, thought Victoria. She pressed the button and sang the rhyme. She waited and waited, and finally heard the flapping of many wings coming toward her. Suddenly she saw hundreds of crows flapping above her head.

“C-c-c-can y-you l-l-let us o-out?” Victoria stuttered.

Michael woke with a start and asked what had happened. Victoria told him he did not want to know or else he might faint again. She turned back to the crows.

“The rhyme said, you know the spell,” said Victoria.

The crows just kept staring back at her.

“Mmmm, maybe you can turn into a crow and talk to them,” suggested Victoria.

So, Michael morphed into a crow and started cawing. All at once they flew through the wall. The wall opened and fresh night air swept through the room.

“Thank you!” Michael cawed in crow before he morphed back into a human.

They ran outside and headed back down the deserted road toward town, thankful to have escaped the haunted house.

Little did they know, that a mad scientist sat in a nearby mansion, furious that they had escaped.

After running for a while they stopped and looked around.

“Where are we?” Michael asked.

“I’m not sure, but this looks like Mr. Wilson’s mansion. He’s always nice and gives us lots of candy, we can go to his house,” Victoria said.

What they didn’t know was that Mr. Wilson was the mad scientist, in disguise.

“Ding-a-ling-ling,” chimed the doorbell.

“Well, hello kids!” Mr. Wilson said as he opened the door.

“Trick-or-treat!” they said in unison.

“Come inside and choose anything you want!” he said.

“Okay,” Michael said.

“Actually, we were heading home,” Victoria said suspiciously. She was suspicious because she new it might not be safe to go inside.

“It’s only six-thirty, you can’t be leaving yet!” cried Mr. Wilson. “It’s okay, just come inside,” he coaxed.

“Okay,” Victoria said with a sigh.

They didn’t see the metal cage dangling above the doorway. Right as they walked in, it fell on them!

“Mwahahahahah!” Mr. Wilson laughed evilly. “I’ve got you!”

“You were the one that trapped us in the haunted house!” Victoria fumed.

“Yes, yes I did!” he exclaimed.

After that, everything went black.

Victoria and Michael woke up in a bedroom.

“You and your bright ideas,” sighed Victoria.

“You said he was nice,” said Michael, standing up for himself.

“Whatever,” Victoria said.

She got up and started to look around the room. There was a small lamp on a table, a bed, some drawers, and a closet. Victoria opened the closet door to see what was inside. There was a baseball bat, a musty old coat, a broom, a wheelchair, and a scarecrow. Then, Victoria had an idea.

“Michael,” she said, “what if we scare the mad scientist out of the house?” she exclaimed.

“Like that’ll happen, he’s scary enough to scare himself!” he smirked.

“Come on, get up. Look in the drawers to see if there’s anything we can use!” Victoria said excitedly.

Michael got up and started rummaging through the drawers.

“There’s makeup, hairpins, and hair dye,” he said.

“Get it all!” said Victoria as she gathered things from the closet.

Together they sat the scarecrow in the wheelchair. The scarecrow held the baseball bat and broom in his hands.

“Dye his hair blue,” said Victoria.

“Okay,” Michael responded.

Meanwhile Victoria put makeup on the scarecrow. She powdered his face green and drew scars with lipstick. When they were done the scarecrow looked really scary!

Victoria pulled a bobby pin out of her hair. She tried to pick the lock on the door and after several tries she finally succeeded. They saw the mad scientist below them sitting on the steps. They shoved the wheelchair down the stairs. The mad scientist looked up and screamed in fright. He ran out the door and down the street.

“Yes!” Victoria said excitedly while giving Michael a high-five.

They ran downstairs but right when they were near the door, a trap door opened and they fell into a room full of loud machinery.

Victoria and Michael opened their eyes and realized they were in the laboratory of the mad scientist. They saw tables full of glass beakers. Some had smoke rising from them. There were strange machines making loud sounds and weird, gooey stuff hanging from the ceiling. The mad scientist walked down the stairs with his pet bat on his shoulder. They didn’t realize he might be back so soon.

“You thought you could escape so easily!” he laughed.

Victoria gasped.

“Loco,” he said to the bat, “are you hungry?”.

Loco started to fly toward them with his mouth open. He bit Michael on the shoulder and flew back to the mad scientist.

“Michael, are you okay?” cried Victoria.

“I’m fine, it doesn’t hurt, just bad bat breath!” he replied as he passed out.

“Victoria heard a bang, and the mad scientist disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Michael sprang up and said, “Where is he? I’m gonna get him!”

Victoria told him the mad scientist had left them in the laboratory.

Then, to their surprise the mad scientist released a whole cage of bats on them! They turned and saw the bats flying toward them.

“Quick! Turn into a baseball bat so I can stop them,” cried Victoria.

Michael morphed into a baseball bat. Victoria started to swing at the bats. She swung and swung until the bats gave up and flew back towards their cage.

Michael morphed back into a human and said he had seen a crowbar while being swung around. They got the crowbar and tried to pry open the door. They finally got it open after several tries and left the laboratory.

Meanwhile, the mad scientist was confident the bats would take care of Michael and Victoria. Fortunately for them, the mad scientist had gone in the house, sat on the couch, and had accidently fallen asleep. They tip-toed past the couch to the door and ran out.

“I think I’ve had enough trick-or-treating for this year. Let’s go home,” said Michael.

“I agree, what a night!” Victoria replied.

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