The Jungle Tragedies
by Nastassia and Hanna

"Come on! Get your butt over here Mohwa! We're jumping out now!" yelled Kim over the roar of the plane. Usually Kim was quite calm, but sometimes Mohwa got on her nerves. Mohwa was trying to hack into Washington D.C.'s computer programming for some weird reason that he probably made up.

"Okay I'm coming. Geez!" yelled Mohwa. Kim and Mohwa are brother and sister and they both love adventure. Kim had just recently become a junior pilot at the age of seventeen. She had rented a plane and planned for her and Mohwa to go skydiving.

"Grab your parachute! You ready?" yelled Kim.

"Yeah!" replied Mohwa. They both jumped out, but when they did Kim just realized something. She was the one flying the plane. BOOM!

"Uh oh" said Kim.

"What was that?" asked Mohwa.

"Nothing. It was nothing. Just pull that cord," said Kim. As they floated down into Peru, Kim heard Mohwa screaming.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!" screamed Mohwa. His parachute had torn on a branch on the way down and he was falling. "Ow!" said Mohwa.

Kim was still floating down when her parachute caught onto a cactus and it swung her into it. "Ow! My nose," cried Kim. "Mohwa? Where are you? re you okay? Where are we?"

"I'm over here. I think we're in Ica, Peru. I think I broke my butt!" replied Mohwa.

"We have to get to Brazil. Our cell phones were on the plane. Which way to Brazil?" said Kim.

"West," said Mohwa. They started walking through the forest when Mohwa heard something in the bushes.

"What was that?" asked Mohwa. Then, a spider monkey jumped out of the bushes. "Kim! Look!" called Mohwa.

"Aw! Let's name it Bubbles!" squealed Kim. Mohwa bent down to pet Bubbles when a swarm of angry flies came out of the shrubs. Bubbles tried to eat them, but he ended up getting eaten.

"Oh my," sighed Kim. She picked up the skeleton of Bubbles and as they walked through the forest they put Bubbles in his final resting place. "I think there's a path through these bushes," said Kim. As they pushed through the plants they came upon a raft.

"Awesome! Hey Kim! Grab the other side. We need to carry this raft to the forest canopy," said Mohwa.

"Why the canopy?" complained Kim.

"Come on!" said Mohwa. It took them about three hours to lug the raft up to the forest canopy. When they finally made it up they built a home out of branches, leaves, mud, and the raft. They found a local jungle gift shop and bought a pair of binoculars. While Mohwa was trying to make a computer out of coconuts, Kim was using the binoculars to look for a path to Brazil.

"Uhhhhhh! We have to scale a mountain!" complained Mohwa. "It's the only way."

"What's that noise?" said Kim. When they turned around they saw a crocodile tearing up their brand new home.

"Aw. It's cute. Can we keep him?" asked Mohwa. He reached out to pet the crocodile.

"Ow! Ahhh! My arm, my beautiful arm!" cried Mohwa.

"Don't be such a baby Mohwa. Grab your arm and let's go," said Kim casually. They left Charles the crocodile behind and began their journey to the mountain.

"It's right behind the monkey shop. Come on," said Kim enthusiastically. They started to scale the mountain.

"It's f-f-f-f-f-freezing. I'm s-s-s-s-s-so cold," stuttered Kim.

"We're almost there," said Mohwa with a hint of annoyance in his voice.

"Oh my gosh! I-I-I-I-I-I have f-f-f-f-frost bite. M-M-My=-My foot!" said Kim. Kim's foot was so cold it fell off right in her hand. When they reached the top of the mountain, Kim and Mohwa found a convenience store. Kim bought a plastic foot and attached it to her leg with some silly putty.

"How are we going to get down? It's way too steep for us to climb down," said Mohwa.

"Do you still have your torn off arm?" asked Kim.

"Yeah why?" said Mohwa, clueless. They used Mohwa's muscular arm as a sleigh. When they reached the bottom they discovered their crashed plane. Mohwa pulled open the door and they both climbed inside. Kim found a phone so she called Toucan Express to drive them to the Amazon River. Terry the Toucan was their cab driver. He told them they needed to get to Salvador to contact an airport if they wanted to get home. Kim and Mohwa paid the toucan in peanuts. After Terry dropped them off at the river they started to walk again. Kim and Mohwa walked along the river between these two huge trees. They didn't notice the giant boa slithering down from one of the trees. Betty, the boa, came up behind Mohwa and Kim and started to squeeze them.

"Ow! Mowha help!" screamed Kim.

"I got out! Oh yeah!" said Mohwa. He was so busy dancing that he didn't notice Kim.

"My leg! Betty squeezed my leg off!" shrieked Kim. The boa left so Kim and Mohwa continued their journey. They found a local shop called Amaway. They bought some superglue and attached Mohwa's torn off arm with Kim's torn off leg to make a raft.

As they floated down the river, a swarm of mosquitoes flew from a bush and began to attack Mohwa.

"Kim! Help!" cried Mohwa. That was his last shriek. Mohwa passed away very quickly.

"Noooooooo!!!" cried Kim She found a clearing and she parked the raft and carried Mohwa through the trees and bushes. Finally, she found a huge tree with a large hole in it. She stuffed Mohwa's body into the hole.

"Goodbye Mohwa," whispered Kim trying to hide her tears. She continued her adventure. As she walked along the river's edge a giant tidal wave came up, scooped her into the river, and carried her through the river until she reached Floriano.

"Random," said Kim. She traveled to Salvador by foot. Finally she reached the big city of Salvador. She called the airport and arranged her flight home.

"Finally," sighed Kim. The airplane began to shake. Everyone started to scream. The airplane was going down, down. When the plane crashed everyone lived except for poor Kim.

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