Space Pirate
by Zach, Diego, Owen, and Christian

Pew! Pew! Pew! Tyler, a 12-year-old space pirate, shot his lazer pistol.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

He had landed on the moon only a year ago, but he'd already called it home. One day, when Tyler was strolling through the craters, he came upon a pod. He decided to visit because he was very friendly. Tyler knocked on the door, and an old woman answered.

"Hi," he said. "My name is Tyler. What's yours?"

"Kristine," said the old woman, and she invited him inside. "You know, I'm a prophet."

"Really? Can you see the future?"

"Yes," Kristine responded, "and it is a dark age. Aliens will take over."

"Wow! Is there any way I can help?"

"Yes, there is a wormhole near planet Ikkabric," Kristine calmly said.

Tyler immediately bolted out the door. This was the beginning of his great adventure.

As he was sprinting to get his jet pack, he saw one of his friends spazzing out. After a few seconds his friend fell down and died. Tyler saw a big black spot on the ground, far away, and it seemed as if it was getting closer. It was!

He grabbed his friend's lazer gun, and aimed. Just as he was about to fire, he saw many other people spazzing out and dying. Insects seemed to be everywhere.

Pew! Pew! Pew! Tyler shot his lazer pistol this way and that. Insects fell and fell with a thump here and a whump there. Tyler had exceptional aim for his age. Once he shot an insect that was about to crawl into someone's ear.

"Thank you for saving my life!" said the someone.

"You're welcome," said Tyler. "I'm Tyler. What's your name?"

"Sophie," she said. "I was just walking home when all of these bugs poured out of that space station. Anyw-"

"What th-" Tyler started, but was held by something slimy. He passed out.

Tyler woke from a dreamless sleep, only to find himself in a gray box with bars of titanium to hold him in. Looking around, he saw Sophie in another cage.

There was a mechanical arm that picked up cages and dipped them into a vast vat of oil. Tyler heard many loud screeches.

"We gotta get out of here!" Tyler said to Sophie, now that she was awake. "I have a computer chip that should free us."

"I am near the computer. Give it to me," she replied. And so Tyler did and Sophie was barely able to reach the computer. BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!

A part of Tyler's cage opened. Looking around, he saw many other cages opening, too. "C'mon, Sophie! Let's get out of here."

As they bolted out the door, Sophie noticed a spacesuit rack. "Hey! Look at this. We can use these to get to the wormhole." And with that, Tyler and Sophie put on their spacesuits and headed out.

Zoom! They activated their jet packs and flew into the wormhole. Tyler was told about by Kristine. It felt like ages ages to Tyler before they finally got out. ZAP! KWAPANG! KABLOOIE! Explosions and lazer shots whizzed all around him. There were giant ships shooting at these humungous protoplasmic beasts. Trying to get out of the blurry mess, he flew to what looked like the human base.

Instantly accepted into the station, Tyler and Sophie came up with a plan. They would use Tyler's communicator to call up his space pirate buddies. Then, all they would have to do is wait. The question was, would there be enough time? The aliens were all over the place.

Tyler's buddies showed up without a moment to spare. The human base was getting mauled by the aliens as if the planet had been handed to them on a silver platter. The other space pirates showed up in the hundreds and with ships the size of football fields. Many of the aliens, intimidaded by the backup, retreated to their home planet. The rest were plasted into oblivion.

So Tyler and Sophie lived in happiness, and became King and Queen of the planet. They were best friends, and Tyler dedicated his life to protecting his world.

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