Story Outline--Mrs. Curtin's 6th Grade Class, Diablo View Middle School, October 5-16, 2009

Mohwa, a 13-year-old computer programmer, who has blue eyes, is skinny, and is muscular. Mohwa is impatient, funny, and extroverted.
Kim, a 17-year-old pilot, who is tall, has long black hair and has lots of freckles. Kim is generous, calm, and bossy.
To survive in their new jungle home.
Problem Scene One
Setting: forest floor
Problem: attacked by flies
Props: spider monkey, raft
Problem Scene Two
Setting: forest canopy
Problem: scaling a mountain
Props: crocodile, binoculars
Problem Scene Three
Setting: Amazon River
Problem: squeezed by a boa
Props: toucan, mosquito
Point of View
Third-person point of view

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