Nevin the Sorcerer
by Matt and Andrew
The old glorious days of my youth were amazing, but one adventure in particular is my favorite story. I was walking tomy mother's house because it was crop season. I, Nevin, did not feel like working on the farm all day, but I was out of items to trade.

"Mother," I yelled, "I'm home!"

"Well, it's about time," my mother scowled.

"Those darn neighbors were on my property again! My cabbages are all broken and squashed."

My mom stormed to our neighbor's house and complained about her squashed cabbage. Meanwhile, I was walking to my mom's house and I found something made of paper and it was old. I took my lyar, bow, and sword and went to visit the 50-year-old friar named Penelope to talk about the ancient piece of paper. She had many potions in her shop and had cured many people in the town. She was very wise and told me it was a treasure map. The treasure map said that the treasure was somewhere in King Arthur's castle.

Penelope and I both went to the tavern to get a drink. I decided to stay outside and play my lyar while Penelope went to get a drink. Then suddenly four horses holding a carriage made out of gold appeared. There was a man that walked out of the carriage. He was obviously rich or important. His face turned to me in disgust.

"You dare to play awful music in such a beautiful place!?" the man said. "Guards, kill him and destroy that lyar and his armor, and the one to finish him off gets a bonus."

I slammed the door to the tavern shut. The men burst it open and aimed arrows at me. Penelope saw an arrow with a silver head aiming right at my head. She jumped faster than a speeding bullet in front of me. The arrow hit her straight in the chest.

Gasping for air, Penelope said, "Nevin, complete your journey without me to get the treasure. Here take these potions." She managed to say that before she lay dead in the tavern. The fight was still on. I shot one of my thirteen arrows at the men. There were about ten of them. The only way I thought of escaping was the catapult outside. I dashed outside and slashed the man closest to the catapult. I got in the catapult and launched myself. I was heading straight for King Arthur's castle when I realized there was a guard hanging on to my leg.

We both crashed through the window. Luckily the guard was the one who crashed through the window and the one to hit the floor. I landed in the great hall where King Arthur was dining.

"How dare you break my window!" the stubborn king screamed. He threw his golden chalice in the air and the wine in the chalice drenched me.

"Take this intruder to the dungeon!" the king shouted. The guards grabbed me and threw me into the dungeon. I realized the guards didn't take my potion or my map. I looked at my map. The alcohol had smeared some of the dirt off so I knew what it said. It said, "In the dungeon of King Arthur's castle in a hole no larger than a mouse hole you will find a sorcery book and a pile of gold."

I saw a mouse hole and I put my eye under to look into it. There was a tunnel connecting two rooms. I looked at my potion. It said "SHRINK, only lasts for 30 seconds." I used my potion and I shrunk. As I was in the hole a mouse came through the hole and started attacking me. I took out my sword and the mouse and I were in a sword fight. The mouse pinned me and I knew it was the end of me. But suddenly I started growing. The mouse ran away and I dashed through the hole. I made it just in time. I found gold and an ultimate sorcerer book. I crashed through the window and escaped. And that's how I became known as Nevin the Sorcerer.

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