Story Outline--Nordstrom Elementary School GATE Program, December 16, 2008

Akeela, a 45-year-old zoo keeper, who is missing her left arm, has a mole on her chin, and ears that stick out. Akeela is bossy, creative, and generous.
Danny, a 23-year-old musician, who is skinny, muscular, and bald. Danny is funny, selfish, and self-confident.
Akeela’s goal is to find a mole-removing doctor, to find a left arm, and to find an ear-flattening doctor.
Problem Scene One
Setting: Carnival
Problem: someone listening in on their phone calls
Props: a bowling ball and a kitten.
Problem Scene Two
Setting: Graveyard
Problem: a storm
Props: a fork and a harmonica.
Problem Scene Three
Setting: Desert
Problem: being shot at with rubber bands
Props: a giraffe and an elephant.
Point of View
Third-person point of view, using Akeela as the point of view character.

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