Date(s): December 16, 2008
Students: GATE Students, grade 4 through 6 (24 total)
Story Deck: Wacky Quest
Story Outline Randomly Selected: Story Outline

The Quest for the Left Arm, the Big Ears, and the Black Mole

Once upon a time, there lived a 45 year old zoo keeper named Akeela. She had many problems including missing her left arm, a big hairy mole on her chin, and ears that stuck out on the side of her face like mirrors on a car. Akeela was very bossy, but that helped her at work, because she had to direct everyone around during her job. However, she was also very creative and generous so people—including her best friend Danny—enjoyed her company and thought of her as a hero.

Danny was only 23 years old and he had known Akeela ever since she used to babysit him. He was a talented musician with loads of self confidence which made him appear a little selfish. Danny was bald and skinny, but also muscular, and was very funny. He ignored all of Akeela’s physical problems and made her laugh. Danny and Akeela decided to team up and try to restore all of Akeela’s physical ailments.

One day Akeela and Danny went to the carnival. Danny brought along his pet bowling ball named Fred.

While Akeela was at the carnival, she visited a psychic who said she should call the mole doctor.

"Doctor, would it be possible if you could remove this ugly mole off my chin?"

"But Akeela, please don't remove that beautiful mole off your face, it is the most beautiful thing about you," said Akeela's ex-boyfriend Bob.

While Akeela was on the phone with a mole doctor, a flying kitten came out of the air. The vicious flying kitten ate Akeela's caramel corn and attacked the phone. But Akeela now knew that her ex-boyfriend Bob was on the other line. Then Akeela saw the vicious little kitten, and it scraped off her mole. Akeela was thrilled because she didn't have to pay $10,000 dollars for surgery. Then she and Danny had fun at the carnival and went into the haunted house. In the haunted house, Akeela saw Bob and she and Danny ran for their lives to the graveyard because Bob gave her the creeps.

After leaving the carnival, the mole-less Akeela arrived at the graveyard with Danny. There they began their search for an arm that Akeela would put to better use than the current owner.

“It smells like old crusty blood,” said Danny.

“And peanuts,” agreed Akeela.

“Oh, sorry, that’s my bag of salted nuts from the carnival.”

They snooped around the graveyard, looking for a fresh corpse.

“Oh, look what I found!” exclaimed Danny.

“You found a corpse?” asked Akeela

“No, a quarter,” said Danny.

“Keep looking, Joker.”

Akeela and Danny walked around the graveyard and finally found a fresh grave.

“Where’s the shovel, Danny?”

“Didn’t you bring it?”

“No, now what do we do?”

“I guess we can use our hands,” said Danny.

“Wait, I’ve got the fork from my funnel cake at the carnival. Here, start digging.”

Danny began the dreadful task of digging up the grave with his cheap, plastic fork. Suddenly, a bolt of lightening splits a tree nearby. A tremendous crash of thunder filled the air. Before they knew it, they were drenched. Danny looked like a drowning rat bailing water from a sinking boat. In the nick of time, Danny jumped out of the barely dug grave and dodged a giant falling tree limb. The limb crashed to the ground, blasting the soil from the grave and cracking the lid of the coffin in half.

“Hey, this looks like my grandma,” said Danny as he peered down into the coffin.

Akeela looked into the coffin and saw in the left hand of the old woman a golden harmonica.

“Bonus,” cried Akeela, “not only do I get a new arm, but I get a brand new harmonica.”

“I wouldn’t put my lips on that,” said Danny gagging.

“Just get out the saw and get to work,” sighed Akeela.

Two hours later, Akeela had her new arm, and was using it to play her new harmonica.

As Akeela and Danny left the graveyard a terrible storm erupted and picked up Akeela off her feet, carrying her to the Sahara desert. Danny, however, was not so lucky. He was struck repeatedly by strikes of lightning and instantly killed. Akeela stumbled to her feet and, still in a daze, found herself being attacked by an army of cacti wearing white wedding gowns and shooting rubber bands. She pulled out a magical horn from her backpack and blew an enormous sound summoning whatever animals might be close to assist her. Out of nowhere came Dumbo the elephant flying with his sidekick giraffe named Teacher. They land on the sand between Akeela and the attacking cacti with Danny, who somehow came back from the dead. Dumbo extended his ears shielding Akeela from the rubber band attack, while Danny scoops a handful of earwax from Teacher's ear. He used this sticky substance behind Akeela's ears to hold them down flat.

After Danny and Akeela’s challenging adventure, Akeela became more self confidant with no mole, normal ears, and a strong left arm. She became less bossy because she learned that it is important for everyone to work together and that all people have a role to play in life.

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